Additional Services

Performance Training, Inc. Fitness Center Management and Staffing

Staffing a corporate fitness center takes a lot of experience.  Even more importantly, it takes the right management team to put the correct staff in place that will take ownership of the fitness center. The correct staff has the ability to change the culture of the employees that enter the fitness center.

Fitness Center Design, Layout, Implementation and Service

PTI understands how to design the layout of a corporate fitness center so that it will influence member behavior, creating a welcoming environment for all employees.  PTI will work on assessing what design and layout is optimal to maximize usage.  PTI works with top fitness equipment manufacturing companies to deliver high quality products.

Other Offerings we include:

Executive Travel Workout Package 

Company Stretching Programs

Question and Answer Email Service

Gym and Equipment Orientations

Employee Appreciation Day Games and Events


Extended Rehabilitation

After suffering an injury or debilitating illness, patients often receive physical therapy in order to return to an active lifestyle.  Once achieved, some may need or desire additional services to help them reach the higher level of activity they once enjoyed. For these individuals, “PTI” offers Extended Rehabilitation.

Injury Recovery and Prevention

Athletes in any sport run the risk of becoming injured at some point during training or competition. PTI, through its association with local orthopedists, has an integrated Rehabilitation and Sports Performance program to help athletes who become injured. PTI can easily incorporate rehabilitation with strength and movement training to help an injured athlete return to his or her sport quickly and at a competitive level.

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning programs address the sport-specific and personal needs of athletes. Our professional and experienced staff of strength experts provide athletes a complete system to get the results they need.