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The Swimsuit/trunk 29-90-30 Plan!

The Swimsuit/trunk 29-90-30 Plan!

Time……friend or foe? Well, when talking about the months of winter and time leading to the arrival of spring, nothing is more anticipated than the countdown of time till the world see’s pants and long sleeves turn into swimwear!

Almost inevitably so, the time fly’s by and before you know it there are 30 days left till the beach calls or spring break arrives, so here is a new approach for being ready and moving confidently out of your pants and into those itsy bitsy teeny weenies!

February 29- Take the 29 days that February offers and start to keep a journal or food log and keep a tight record for about a week including a weekend.  Make a list of all the things that you have adapted to over the winter months and start to re-evaluating food and beverage consumption and consult with the PTI Nutrition guide to get ideas on how to start to eliminate or change eating patterns to get what you need in order to slowly change to bring on healthy spring into summer habits through both food and food timing.


March/April/May 90- Slowly start to adopt the changes identified in the February 29 and keep a good hand written log or journal of physical and mental choices and changes that will help you to cross examine and alter for next spring. Get with a PTI Trainer for tips and exercises that will benefit your problem areas and weaknesses so the progression to training harder is smarter and not leading to over use and over worked muscles that will lead to setbacks from injuries.


June 30- Once you have put in the work with a good documentation of the journey you are ready to simply tweak your progress and utilize the month of June for final intensity and rest period changes to get you exactly where you want to be on both  a mental confidence level as well as physical head turning, itsy bitsy teeny or speedo wearing wonder woman or superman!!!

Power Walking

Walking is great and has many great benefits. For a fun challenge try speed walking. Turn up your caloric burn without the jarring of joints that jogging can do. Power walking a mile at 3.5 to 4 mph will burn almost the same amount of calories as jogging a mile. A power/speed walk will have a longer stride than a leisure walk thanks to help from a larger arm swing in tune with your stride. One foot should be on the ground at all times. For extra calorie burn try holding 1-3lb weights in your hands and don’t short that arm motion!Woman-Walking-Beach-ART

Core Training for Golf and Tennis!

This week we are serving up some ideas on core training for Tennis and Golf! If you want to get more explosive hitting the ball, here are 3 awesome tips to improve your drive and serve.

1. Core activation – What would core be without core awareness? Tilt the pelvis forward while squeezing your glutes. Pull in your abs. Your ribs and pelvis should move closer together.
2. Add in core exercises with both of your feet on the ground. It’s ok to work your abs while laying down, but remember your sport is played on two feet. So train like you want to play!
3. Add in Dynamic resistance to your rotational movements! If we want to rotate faster we need to train with a resistance!

Great work by Diane

Thank you to #ptiathlete, Diane, for sharing your story and congrats on your achievements! A mother of 2, Diane found herself tacking on weight as she took care of her family. With a diagnosis of severe rheumatoid arthritis against her, she sought out Nate England, from PTI’s Fort Sanders location to help her on her quest to successfully lose 120lbs and received praises from her doctors! Her motto is believe to achieve and she’s still holding on to it! Please join us in congratulating her! Diane

Top 10 Motivational Beliefs That You Should Live By

Developing motivational beliefs that help you recognize your responsibility to create the life you want, can help you build the life you’ve dreamed of. If you choose to live by these motivational beliefs, you’ll learn how to recognize the power you have to control your destiny.

1. I Can Bring My Passion With Me Wherever I Go
You don’t have to only be passionate about the things you love in life. Instead, you can choose to be a passionate person who brings passion everywhere you go. Behave passionately whether you’re cleaning up garbage or speaking to an auditorium full of people.

2. I Control My Attitude
A lot of things in life aren’t within your control. You can’t control your past, how other people behave, or how the world works. You can, however, choose to control your attitude about it. Choosing to have a positive attitude when things go wrong speaks volumes about your character.

3. I Can Find a Way to Make Things Work
A motivational belief that keeps you from giving up can help you gain success in all areas of your life. Often, things don’t go the way we want the first time around. Sometimes, it takes many attempts to get things right. If you resolve to find a way to make things work you’ll look for strategies to overcome obstacles until you reach your goal.

4. Hurt and Pain Make Me Stronger
Hurt and pain are inevitable in life. If you waste time complaining that life isn’t fair or you try to play the role of a victim, you won’t reach your full potential in life. Use the pain and hurt you’ve experienced to become a stronger person. When you’ve experienced deep sorrow, you’ll truly be able to appreciate joy.

5. I Have the Power to Make Things Happen
Believe in your ability to get things done. Never underestimate your potential and you’ll amaze yourself when you see how capable you are. Whether you’re at work, at home, or in a relationship, remind yourself that you aren’t helpless and that you have the power to make things happen.

6. I Am a Product of My Choices
You aren’t defined by your circumstances. Instead, you’re defined by the choices you choose to make. If you choose to make good choices, even when you find yourself in bad circumstances, you’ll find out exactly how powerful you are.

7. I Have a Lot to be Grateful For Every Day
Dwelling on what you don’t have in life won’t get you anywhere. Focusing on your gratitude and recognizing how fortunate you are, however, can help you stay focused on what’s important in life. Looking at how much you have to be grateful for will also prevent you from feeling jealous of other people’s success.

8. I Have the Opportunity to Try Anything
Today’s world offers you endless opportunities. If you don’t like your job, get a new one. If you don’t like where you live, move somewhere else. Recognize that you have an opportunity to do anything you want in life.

9. I Must Stay Committed to See Results
Change doesn’t happen overnight. Adopting a motivational belief that reinforces the need for commitment can help you to stay on track even when you don’t see immediate results. Whether you’re saving money to pay off debt or trying to lose weight, it takes time and hard work to reach your goals.

10. I Can Learn From My Failures
Failure is a part of life and is often a necessary step toward eventual success. Resolve to learn from your failures and get better. Don’t give up trying and don’t repeat the same mistakes. Instead, use your failures to help you reach success.