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Class Descriptions

One on One (Personal Training): Our personal training sessions are built around your goals and needs. Whether you want to slim down, tone up, improve your balance, or rehab an injury, this is where you want to be. Our fitness professionals are recognized the world over for their attention to detail and professionalism in helping you achieve your goals!

Weight Training: From fundamental to advanced movements; learn multi-joint strength building with our certified fitness professionals.

Body weight Training: This class designed to teach ANY individual the proper technique and body position while in the gym. Exercises consist of using only body weight to improve balance, core strength and endurance. This is a great class for those who want exercises that are as mobile as you are. No gym required.

Yoga: Our Yoga is focused on increasing muscle and breath control while building a foundation for total body strength and flexibility. Our classes range from beginner to advanced and everywhere in between.

Circuit/ Interval Training: This clinic is designed to teach ANY individual how to gain the most benefit from their exercise routine by constantly keeping their body moving and keeping their heart rate at a rate to gain the most benefit for strength, conditioning, or weight loss.

Abs/Core: This class is designed to teach ANY individual how to properly engage the “Core” musculature. Once this is accomplished then exercises are taught to help improve posture, low back strength, abdominal strength, and increase functional movement to reduce pain.

Cardio Tennis: For tennis lovers who want to get that extra edge. Build endurance as it applies to the game of tennis while focusing on sport specific skills and movements.

Fitness for Golf: Want to gain a few extra yards to your swing? Improve range of motion in your golf swing, increase core strength and explosiveness while focusing on golf specific exercises.

Cycling: Indoor cycling can be a great way to get in a vigorous workout. Burn calories and keep your muscles in shape, especially during the off-season. Great low impact cardio exercise.

Sports Specific Training: Our sports specific training encompasses explosive movements, resistance training, hand-eye coordination, quick-hand instruction, balance, perception, multi-directional movement, acceleration, and velocity training. These training methods improve physical performance in all sports through better preparation of the athlete for the demands of competition.

General Fitness: This class will focus on increasing range of motion in all joints to help and improve your daily way of living. Stretches taught will include dynamic stretching, assisted stretching, static stretching, and forms of flexibility to increase blood flow to the muscles. This is a great class to help reduce injury and gain optimal performance for any activity you perform.

Bootcamp: This high intensity clinic is designed to challenge the individual who wants to push their body to the limits. The emphasis of the clinic will focus on building functional strength and burning fat using multi joint exercise movements.

Walking & Running: This clinic is designed to help ANY individual improve their cardiovascular endurance through walking or running. From couch to 5k or even the ultra runner this clinic will assist in jump starting your cardio routine, improve your pace time, or even increase your VO2 max.

Tai Chi: This martial discipline has been refined for centuries in China and now has made it all the way to Cherokee. Tai Chi focuses on balance and stability while coordinating breath and body movements. Come get your Zen on.

Karate: Japanese self defense discipline. Our style of Seiei Kan Karate teaches practitioners mental and physical discipline. Learn katas (Forms) and sparring drills for self defense and competition.

Exercise 101 (for youth): This is a great way to introduce a fitness program to any youth. Our Exercise 101 will build a foundation of fitness experience and knowledge that will help your child throughout the rest of their life.

SAQ (Speed, Agility, & Quickness): Over the last 15 years, Performance Training Inc. has developed SAQ (Speed, Agility, and Quickness) into a comprehensive package of more than 40 powerful training systems designed to enhance the sport-specific needs of the athlete. From movement patterns, to resistance training our SAQ program will enhance your athletic potential!