“Jackie and her staff have provided me a competitive training atmosphere. The programs are tailored to improve my weaknesses along with enhancing my strengths. The training is basketball specific, challenging me to focus on body position/footwork to become a more explosive player both offensively and defensively.”

Kara Lawson

“I have worked out with Jackie since the summer before my senior year in high School. Jackie has helped me become a more complete player by working on my footwork making me quicker on defense and having the ability to jump higher. I rehabbed my ACL with Jackie and did a variety of exercises (pool workouts, cardio sprints, weights, foot-speed drills, balance and stabilization), I had the confidence she would develop my strength in my leg and not hurt me therefore making me mentally and physically prepared.”

Tamika Catchings

“I spend part of my WNBA off-season in Knoxville to work with Jackie. All though some days seem hard, Jackie will always push me and motivate me to work hard. I focused this off-season on lateral foot-speed, staying in a good defensive stance and vertical jump along with trying to prevent another foot injury by learning to push off equally on both feet to become much more explosive.”

Chamique Holdsclaw

“Jackie has worked with me for several years helping me to gain more balance and explosion while playing football at the University of Tennessee. Many times I have gotten injured due to the fact I have a tendency to lock out my hips and stand up tall, only using my upper body strength. We have spent hours working on “land” and in the pool to help me maintain a balanced body position with power and to be able to move quicker. This past year, the entire offensive line from UT trained with Jackie so we could continue to work on our footwork and loading our hips which only made us better as whole.”

Will Offenheusel

“Jackie trained me to be more explosive and use my speed while playing football at the University of Tennessee. I needed to really focus on quick changes of direction and an explosive first step. Jackie helped me snap my hips and get my body turned in order to make sharper and more explosive cuts. We concentrated on the fine details and were able to break down my footwork, so I don’t waste any steps. At my position (tight end), I need to get open in very short distances.”

Jason Witten

“Training at PTI with Jared allowed me to tap into my athletic potential and maximize my athletic abilities. Every day when I came in to train, I was challenged and always left feeling accomplished. Jared also helped me strengthen other aspects of being an athlete such as my mental toughness and focus. I would not train anywhere else!”

Allie Kington (Clemson University)

I have been to several training facilities. Performance Training, in my opinion, is the best training facility around. I have had four ACL tears and was told that I would never be as fast as I was before. However, I feel that as though Performance Training has helped me not only become as fast as I was but also strengthened my knees. The trainers not only instruct but they pay specific attention to every movement whether you are in a group or individually training. I wouldn’t go anyway else.

Tessa Piety (Lee University)

“Working with PTI in the months leading up to college gave me a huge advantage. I was able to gain strength in areas I wouldn’t have reached by strictly running. My speed and quickness also noticeably improved. I had confidence going into my first college workouts and felt I was a step ahead the other athletes. Not only did I see major improvements within myself, but I enjoyed every workout that got me to this point. I can’t thank all the staff enough for everything that they’ve done for me!“

Rebecca Stover (University of Alabama)

“Performance Training is top notch. The environment and staff pushed me to better myself in the right way. PTI has been extremely beneficial in my training. Not only did they help me with my ACL rehabilitation, but they helped me improve overall as an athlete and a player. I was pushed in ways I have never been pushed before, and received individual attention to ensure quality workouts. Thanks to PTI, I have a new confidence as an athlete. The agilities and strengthening not only made me physically stronger, but also mentally stronger.”

Marjorie Butler (University Of Georgia)

“Jackie / (PTI) has worked with our team on their lateral footwork, first step explosion and changes of direction as well as core strength and balance. The training is all basketball specific movements, teaching our players to move more efficiently and explosively on the court. The players have bought into the training and the integration with our strength staff and coaching staff has magnified our benefits.”

Kay Yow
Former Head Women’s Basketball Coach
NC State University

“Jackie has worked with our team on their lateral foot speed and first step explosion as well as their defensive stance. We have benefited greatly from the training and our coaching staff has continued to keep the players focused on their lateral footwork and stance, as it relates to our defensive philosophies.”

Pat Summitt
Former Head Women’s Basketball Coach
University of Tennessee

“Jackie Ansley/(PTI) is a great teacher of technique. She develops a tremendous rapport with the student-athletes and she earns their immediate respect. Jackie worked diligently with our team to develop much-needed first step explosion, improved body balance and basically assisted our team in being much more functional on the floor. We are thankful for her continuous efforts to grow our game.”

Wendy Larry
Former Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Old Dominion University

“Jared/(PTI) has done an outstanding job for us the past 2 years. Our student athletes have total buy in with what he is doing because they have seen the positive results in the individual athleticism and performance. As their coach I have seen a measurable improvement in our quickness, lateral mobility and acceleration.”

Michael Peterson
Former Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Wake Forrest University

“Jackie’s/(PTI’s) program revolutionized our approach to footwork. Our players made incredible strides in explosiveness and change of direction…two things that I feel are critical to getting the most out of your team. The principles she teaches are now principles we implement in our program and stress it daily.”

Matthew Mitchell
Head Women’s Basketball Coach
University of Kentucky

“Our number one concern in the pre-season is training to prevent knee injuries. We feel that the PTI emphasis on the positioning and strength of the hips and core is key to that. Our team’s hard work with PTI has definitely helped our program in regards to both injury prevention and athletic performance.”

Cheri Herrar
Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Baldwin Wallace University

“Performance Training has maximized the physical potential of our student-athletes here at Virginia. As a supplement to our strength and conditioning program, Jackie Ansley and her staff do an outstanding job. This training helps to minimize the effects of career ending injuries as the players learn proper stances and landing techniques. This training has enhanced the success of our program throughout my career at Virginia.”

Debbie Ryan
Former Head Women’s Basketball Coach
University of Virginia

“Jackie Ansley’s / (PTI’s) training has helped our athletes reach an elite level with their footwork. Her technical expertise with speed, agility and quickness for Women’s Basketball is unbelievable and the ability to have her tailor her workouts to our specific needs has been a critical component to our success.”

Charli Turnerthorne
Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Arizona State University

“Thank You Performance Training for giving our athletes an edge. You helped us improve our defense with your training. This propelled us to our first NCAA Appearance”

Denise Taylor
Former Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Jackson State University

“The speed and agility training that Jackie / (PTI) has implemented at Gulf Coast has helped our players take their game to a new level. The emphasis on proper technique has not only prevented injuries, but also helped our kids to improve in speed, lateral movement, and explosiveness. Without the help of Jackie’s program, we feel that winning would have been much more difficult. “

Roonie Scovel
Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Gulf Coast Community Jr. College

“It is amazing to see the difference Jackie / (PTI) has made in our players since working with them. At Auburn we run a fast pace style on both ends of the floor so we needed to improve our change of direction, lateral movement and explosion. Thru her hands on training we were able to compete at the highest level, and WIN at that level. She was our difference maker.”

Nell Fortner
Former Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Auburn University


Training with PTI has changed my life. I look forward to my training sessions and continue to use knowledge from them on days at the gym in between sessions. I truly feel better in my forties than I ever have. I’ve lost inches in my waist and gained some much needed muscle. My outlook on exercise has completely changed.
David Driver


I began working out with Performance Training as a middle aged person. I had always worked out, but I decided it was time to change my focus.  I wanted to build my strength and agility going forward in the aging process.  My trainer was a perfect match for my newly intended focus.  We began what has become a 10 year process of improving my physical and core strength, my balance, and as a bonus my physical appearance!  My trainer has a genuine interest in my workout wants and needs and is always aware of pre-existing limitations.  He has an incredible ability for imagining a workout and modifying the plans. With years of providing me challenging, intense and diverse workouts, I feel I have achieved my goal of strength with age.  Under my trainer’s guidance, as a female in my sixties,  I am able to do pull-ups, deadlifts and other complex movements.  My current activity level far surpasses any capabilities I would have anticipated 10 years ago!
Anette Gauldin


When I began training with PTI I could hardly get up off the floor. Over the last 3 months I have lost 13 pounds and regained my ability to do many things that I had not been able to do for years. My trainer keeps the class interesting by changing routine daily. PTI has truly changed my life! Thanks!!!
Samuel Anderson


I came back to PTI after being completely inactive for over 6 years and arguably in the worst shape of my life. My personal trainer, took the time to completely assess my overall fitness and design a program specifically before me. We constantly reassess my fitness as it improves and tweak the program to push me mentally and physically each workout. Because of PTI my blood pressure and cholesterol are normal, my weight is down and my strength and fitness level are up!
Gary Parker


I would like to thank PTI for the difference the trainers have made in 3 of my daughters physically and mentally. My daughters play competitive soccer which requires explosive runs, quick turns, and strength in position. Each of my daughters developed a pattern of nagging injury; ankle, hip, back.  We began going to PTI a few months ago and the difference it has made has been amazing! The trainers recognized the muscle imbalances and lack of endurance that created bad form and made the wrong muscles work harder which set the girls up for injury.  My girls have learned so much about how their bodies work, and how to move to make them work more efficiently. They have been challenged to push themselves further than they thought they could go which has increased their confidence.  They have learned what and when to eat to provide adequate fuel for their bodies and how to hydrate. They are faster, quicker, and stronger, but most importantly they enjoy the PROCESS of training. That is the result of the knowledgeable and encouraging professionals at PTI. My husband was so inspired by the results in such a short time, he started training there!
Beth Scott


I have trained with PTI since eighth grade. I had worked out with other trainers before, but with my trainer I instantly could tell a difference in the detail demanded and the knowledge he had of movement in basketball. I have stayed injury free while many of my teammates have torn ACLs and other injuries. Moving on to high school and then college basketball, I have been far ahead of everyone else because of how much more efficiently and quickly I am able to move. Every time I return to Knoxville, I make sure to go to PTI to train.
Miranda Burt


I started working with Performance Training Inc to improve my quickness and gain an explosive first step. Each workout, whether it be weights or agility, is tailored to fit my individual needs. The trainers pay close attention to how I move and make instant improvements so I get the most out of every step. Within a few days I started to see a noticeable improvement and after a month I was leaps and bounds ahead of where I started. They push me out of my comfort zone with each workout and I leave knowing I’ve become not only physically stronger but also mentally tougher.
Caitlin Whoriskey



I have been working out with the PTI trainers for over 7 years.  The staff is great and really does an amazing job of keeping you motivated by alternating work outs and finding ways to push you.  Best group of people I have ever worked out with. The crew at PTI has been amazing to work with.  I have been working out  in a group with PTI for over 7 years and am still as motivated as I was the first day.  They do a great job of keeping the workouts challenging and fresh.  With the variety of trainers we get to work out with it really makes it fun.

Keith Phillips



At The Trust Company, we pride ourselves on building great relationships with our clients and understanding all their needs.  In 2014, we made the decision to do the same for our employees. Our goal was to strengthen our already great relationship with our employees by addressing their wellness needs specifically related to general fitness and nutrition.  We now have regular fitness and yoga classes with trainers that know and understand our individual employees.  We also have quarterly health assessments where employees can see their progress or identify areas they want to address in the future.  Our onsite classes have brought employees from different areas together and there is a level of camaraderie within the group that was unexpected and we couldn’t be more thrilled about the positive effects this relationship has had on our business.  PTI has exceptional trainers and leadership and we are fortunate to call them our friends.

Lara Fleming The Trust Company

“I have lost inches in my waist, hips, and thighs! I enjoy the classes as it does help with releasing the stress for the work day.”

Pat Upshaw

“I really enjoy the classes. I have a lot more energy now.”

Jennifer Gaston

“What an awesome opportunity to have this program available. I have noticed an increase in my stamina, feel more centered and focused. Less stressed, sleeping better and finally shedding unwanted pounds. I appreciate Johnny and all his advise and pushing up to achieve!”

Kelly Szakacs

“Lost 8lbs since I started. Energy has increased. I am eating healthier and having less craving for sugar.”

Linda Sweeney