Our mission at Performance Training, Inc. is to bring and create a body success program for corporate employees. PTI believes that fitness and an overall healthy lifestyle can help enhance the quality of life, well-being, and productivity for all involved. We focus on on-site/off-site operations management, initial strategic planning and staff selection. We also offer program development and implementation along with health/wellness program design. We specialize in meeting the goals/needs of each organization. For corporate accounts we offer specifically-designed fitness training programs, educational clinics, full fitness assessments, consultations, and metabolic panels.
  • corp1
    Pilot V doing interval training with a cardio circuit mixed in.
  • corp3
    Box jumps to work on hip development and stability with the landing.
  • corp4
    TEAMHealth working on stability of one leg.
  • corp5
    Overhead plate lunges focusing on working the legs and stability of core and shoulders.
  • corp6
    Core strengthening through decline pipe twist.
  • corp7
    Hanging leg raises strengthening the core focusing not to swing during movement.
  • corp8
    Lower back extensions on stability ball.