Enrollment First, Inc. is your health solutions company. As an industry leader, we stand for you and for good health and for businesses big and small. We deliver solutions in health care, technology, enrollment services, and administration that are just a call, click, or conversation away.

The transportation industry has often been a difficult market to insure. Companies with W2 employees have found it difficult to provide group coverage for their drivers and 1099 owner operators — leaving owner operators to find insurance on their own. Not anymore. Enrollment First, Inc. has built valuable partnerships within the motor carrier industry to provide innovative health benefits and enrollment capabilities with drivers in mind, by adding sleep apnea testing, an option for gym memberships and on-line monitoring to promote a healthy lifestyle. Enrollment First, Inc. has the solution for you whether you are an employer with your own W2 drivers or you’re an individual owner operator. Our in-house licensed health care advisors will walk you through the enrollment process step by step and be there to answer questions and find the right products and services that fit your needs.

Enrollment First, Inc. has provided benefit and enrollment solutions for independent contractors for over a decade. Before the Affordable Care Act was law, independent contractors could not qualify for group benefits like W2 employees could.

Enrollment First, Inc. levels the playing field for independent contractors, delivering the same benefits and services that large organizations have always enjoyed. Through an association platform, we offer health benefits that are guarantee issue (during open enrollment) and independent of a contractor’s employment. This is especially valuable for contractors with pre-existing medical conditions in their family. We can even provide benefits that are paid for through ACH directly from the contractor.

Staffing companies have their complexities with employees going-on and off assignments. There are inherent problems with staffing companies being able to provide benefits to such a diverse workforce – hourly, seasonal, temporary, and high turnover employees – making administration a nightmare. If you are a staffing company, we would love to talk to you. Our corporate partner, First Staff Benefits, was designed by the staffing industry for the staffing industry to provide unique benefits and compliant solutions. Through our Gap In Premium Administration solution, we allow an insured to go up to five consecutive weeks between assignments (or paychecks) without having to pay premium. This provides the flexibility employees need while they are between job assignments to keep health coverage.

Enrollment First has developed innovative products and services specifically for the Franchise industry. Employees get piece of mind knowing they have access to medical care and prescription drugs around the clock and at a price they can afford. Employees simply call or go online to enroll in the coverage of their choice. Our franchise model is simple. We offer one rate nationally through payroll deduction. No administrative hassles. No more getting multiple quotes! Let us show you how our franchise model works. Call us today.

Providing health benefits to associations and credit unions increases membership, builds brand loyalty, and helps retention. Enrollment First, Inc. offers unique solutions that are tailored specifically to your membership base. We provide benefit options and enrollment solutions for credit union members, working with both employer and community credit unions. Our in-house resources design a custom communications campaign to effectively promote the options available to the member, through ongoing promotions. Let us customize a solution for your organization today.

Under the new healthcare law, employers with 50 or less employees are exempt from the employer mandate to offer health insurance. But studies show that over 80% of small employers still want to offer or help pay for health insurance for their employees. Providing these benefits help to recruit and retain valuable long term employees. Enrollment First, Inc. uses several strategies in providing insurance to small businesses. If you are a small employer and want to take control of your healthcare budget, we would love to speak with you.

Choosing health insurance has never been more important.