For intermediate and experienced fitness levels, this course utilizes conventional barbell lifts paired with machine and free weight accessory lifts to develop a full body strength program. This particular class uses a push/pull split schedule twice weekly to ensure that the whole body is targeted. While targeting an upper body push day you will also target a lower body pull motion (example: Chest Day Paired with Deadlifts). This class will be linear in nature, designed to begin by measuring your baseline strength and then training in a way that increases weight each session. These programs will be scaled according to individual goals and fitness levels. Accessory lifts will also be scaled according to goals. For Example, for those looking to generate more muscle size they can perform a 4x10 main lift program and pair their accessories with a hypertrophy rep scheme. For those who are looking for true strength they can perform a 5x5 or 8x3 main lift with more targeted accessory lifts.