Exercise Programs 

PTI offers an incredible variety of unique fitness classes that are delivered by our highly trained fitness professionals.  Our fitness classes are tailored to the environment of each location. We understand employees and our staff is able to include exercise modifications based on physical limitations of employees.

Some example classes are as follows:

  • Core classes (15 or 30 min)
  • Walking/running clinics (30 min or 1 hr)
  • Stretching classes (15 or 30 min)
  • Interval weight training clinics
  • Boot Camps (30 min or 1hr)
  • Cardio Combat

Personal Training

PTI recognizes that everyone has unique fitness goals. More importantly, we understand individuals have different needs when it comes to finding the right formula or tools necessary for achieving those goals. That’s why we staff the most knowledgeable fitness professionals around. We will create personalized programs appropriate to fit each individual’s requirements.

PTI offers both individual (1 on 1) training as well as group training. Each person’s preference of training is different depending on their level of motivation, financial ability, etc. Group training offers the benefit of social design as well as financial incentives, and often people like to train with a group of their friends.

Programs Designed for:

  • Muscular Toning
  • Muscular Strength
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Weight Management
  • Increased flexibility

Who:            Anyone who wants to improve overall fitness and/or strength.

When:         Ability to schedule 7 days a week during club hours of operation.

Cost:            Individually priced sessions.

All clinics and group training rates are reduced based on the number of participants.

Note:   PTI offers training sessions to fit your budget and schedule. Prices will vary depending on the duration of each session and the number of participants.