Member Guest Fitness Clinics!

In conjunction with the Member / Guest Golf Tournament Oct 16-18, 2015 PTI has added some clinics for both members and golfing guests. Please see below


Friday, October 16th

10:00-11:00am                                   Fitness Clinic            

A clinic designed to push any man or woman to their limits and or teach those that are experienced. Emphasis of the clinic is improving muscular endurance with cardiovascular intervals mixed in, while also teaching proper form and body position. Join in as Director Bryan Rodriguez will challenge you no matter what your fitness level is.


11:00am-12:00pm                              Power Cycle                          

This cycling class is guaranteed to push you to your limit if you’re an experienced cyclist or if you are a beginner wanting experience an indoor cycling class! The class will include a warm-up and cool down with stretching built into the hour.  Each cyclist will determine how hard of a workout they will get as YOU are in control of the tension and pace. Come in and enjoy cycle instructor William Norris’s class as he will adapt the class to what you are looking for in a workout.


Saturday, October 17th

10:00-11:00am                                   Fitness / Yoga Clinic

The clinic will combine yoga and resistance training. The first 30 minutes will be exercises utilizing bands, dumbbells, cable machines, etc. geared toward functional movement. The next 30 minutes will be spent doing stretches and yoga poses. Come join in as coordinator Alan Burgess takes you through this unique clinic

NOTE:  All guests and members need to sign up prior to the class online at    OR by calling the fitness desk at (865)-892-6877. (Note: The fitness desk is not staffed the entire day so the messages will be added as they are received.)