PTI News Spotlight! Bradley Lopp

Welcome to our second week of PTI’s News! Trainer Spotlight!
This week we will be talking with Bradley Lopp massage therapist with PTI.
Bradley has been working with clients for over three years and has had numerous success stories. He joined the PTI staff this past summer as our massage therapist to help our client’s aide in pain relief as well as race recovery and other needs.

Bradley is now available at Cedar Bluff Racquet Club to help relieve you of whatever aches and pains you may have. He has a wide variety of massage techniques that he uses to help solve different types of problems.

“I use different disciplines during a massage depending on what that client needs at the time. I have each of my clients fill out a form to help me get a big picture of their current physiological state and any medical history that could affect their overall well being or be a contraindication for the massage. Once I get that “big picture” I am able to determine what strokes, methodologies and stretches to incorporate into the massage as well as where to localize my massage. At times I may start with Swedish massage strokes and then change to deep tissue if I find trigger points that are causing the client discomfort. I may also find that I have to use myofascial release techniques on a client if their skin is not pliable enough for further massage.”-Bradley

If you are dealing with a chronic ache or pain and want to feel better call PTI to schedule a consultation or massage with Bradley today. Like us on Facebook and share this post with your friends!

Make sure to check back next week for another great PTI Spotlight!