PTI News Spotlight!

Welcome to the New Year and our PTI News Spotlight!
We here at PTI hope your end of the year celebrations were awesome!
For the next few weeks we will be focusing on our trainers and all the great work they do!
First up is Betsy Johnson, nutrition coach and cycling instructor for PTI!
Check back soon to learn more about our super staff!

Betsy has been hard at work helping over 40+ clients! All together, she has helped them lose a combined 400 pounds!!

Quotes from Betsy:
“Challenge yourself and believe that you can do anything! There is honestly no easy way to lose weight but to eat right and exercise. Eating makes up about 80 percent of your weight loss, exercise only optimizes it!”

“The biggest mistake that people make is that they typically don’t eat enough. They are determined to lose weight, so they cut their calories way back; therefore, their body goes into starvation mode and won’t drop any weight.”

“It is always important to make it interesting and exciting!”