PTI Spotlight!


Greetings from PTI! It’s been another week and that means it’s time for another PTI Spotlight, trainer edition. This week we will be meeting Keven Burdorf. Keven has an amazing story overcoming childhood obesity. When he left grade school he had a waist line of 44 inches and weighed about 245 lbs. Due to his will and dedication, he turned himself into an amazing acrobat and gymnast. Keven is well known at PTI for his work ethic and drive. He always has a positive attitude and something encouraging for his co workers and clients.

“My next challenge is marriage. I am getting married to my girlfriend of 5-years in May. She is also an ex-gymnast so we want to have some fun with our wedding photos. This means to get back into gymnast shape for the big day.”

When you hit the gym what is your favorite style of workout? “I was a gymnast and practicing circus performer for 8 years. With this background I love bodyweight workouts.”