PTI SPOTLIGHT – Trainer Edition!

Welcome to our final PTI Spotlight – Trainer Edition! This week we are featuring the founder of PTI, Jackie Ansley. Jackie has been actively involved in fitness her whole life, as you can imagine; preferring to be outside and active as much as possible. This lead her straight to athletics and college where she was dedicated to weight lifting and athletic conditioning. Athletics has been a way of life whether she was training her teams or current clients.

We caught up with Jackie this week to discuss more of her fitness journey. She shared with us some amazing stories and great insights.

“Jackie, you have been involved with fitness your whole life, is there anything that you have found to be really surprising?”
“Not really surprising but the most fascinating thing is how the body adapts to challenges and lifestyle changes. Meaning when you challenge an individual and mix up the training the body responds and makes so many changes.”

“We at PTI know you not only as a great trainer and mentor, but also as an inspiring athlete, do you have a favorite style of workout?”
“I like lifting total body heavy weights and mixing up the body part I am focusing on; then mixing in some cardio as well.”

“That is a demanding style! What are you training for now, what is your next challenge?”
“I have Spartan race July 12th and it has forced me to up the tempo of the training and increase my mileage running.
“We know you have had some amazing stories, and great triumphs as a coach and as a trainer, can you tell us about a few?”

“I have many stories I can think of throughout my 18 years of training. I have had client lose 90+ pounds in one year and was so proud of herself! I trained a young 6th grader who had just run the mile in 15:42 minutes and then after training the next spring he ran it in 8:00 minutes! It was awesome to see how much self-confidence he gained! One of my pro players trained on the court with basketball skills, weights and SAQ (Speed, Agility and Quickness) and made it on the US Olympic Basketball Team as an underdog! There are so many more I could tell. Mostly, I love the excitement and self-confidence individuals get when they are challenged to do something that have never done or think they could never do. It is one of my many rewards to turn someone on to train and be successful.”

Well, that is it for this weeks PTI Spotlight – Trainer Edition! Check back next week for some more great stories of our successful clients!