PTI Spotlight

Greetings and welcome to another PTI Spotlight! Continuing our spotlight series on our trainers this week we have Hakeem Abdul-Saboor! Hakeem’s experience in fitness started with Football and Track as a youth. He played college football at the University of Virginia at Wise as a running back.
Since joining the team at PTI Hakeem has trained countless clients and athletes. When he isn’t training clients he can be found in the gym focusing on body building. We caught up with him this week to get a better understanding of his methods and style. “Focusing hard on diet and a proper training plan is my main strategy. When I am in the gym, I lift heavy, and focus on hypertrophy of specific areas (Chest, Back, etc). After a great workout, you gotta eat. My nickname around PTI has been ‘Buffet’ because I have to eat a lot of food in order to keep my body in great shape.”
“You have to know how much to eat and when to do it. It seems like most people either under eat before a workout, or then burn out, because they don’t have the fuel to keep pushing. Or, they over eat and just get lethargic.”

Check back next week for another great trainer, and another great spotlight. If you are interested in booking a session with Hakeem, or any of our other great trainers, contact us at (865-531-5453)