@ RBI Clinic Descriptions — Knoxville, TN

Class: Weekday Warriors
Days: M, W, F
Times: 12:30PM
Trainer(s): Jared & Aaron
Description: This clinic is a tough bootcamp style clinic. The class provides a variety of exercise styles, from strength training, to HIIT intervals.

Class: Total Body Pump
Days: M & W
Time: 6:00PM
Trainer(s): Nick
Description: This clinic is designed to mix strength training and cardio to keep your heart rate up and challenge you the whole hour! A great way to work out the workday stress and get fit in the process!

Class: Boot Camp
Days: Tu & Thur
Time: 7:00AM
Train(s): Bryan & Cody
Description: Our Boot Camp will push you to your limits. Emphasis is placed on muscle strength as well as muscle and cardiovascular endurance. Watch your body transform as your muscles grow and the pounds shed away

Class: Moms on the Move (MOM)
Days: Tu & Fri
Time: 10:30AM
Trainer(s): Jared & Clayton
Description: Cardio and lifting clinic that will help change the way you work! High intensity clinic that involves numerous compound and functional movements to both tone and strengthen each individual.

Class: Functional Training Group
Days: Tue & Thur
Time: 5:30PM
Trainer(s): Clayton
Description: This clinic will help you build and develop a solid practical foundation for fitness. A methodical approach to functional training that is what you will find in our Functional Training group ran by Clayton!

Class: Fit for Life
Days: Tue & Thur
Time: 7:00PM
Trainer(s): Neil
Description: Our class Fit for Life is a great way to build and maintain a foundation for fitness. This program will help you gain an edge in reshaping your body and your life. This clinic is great for beginners and those needing that little extra boost into getting back in shape

Class: Gut Check
Days: Tue, Thur, Sat
Times: 5:40AM (Tue & Thur) & 7:00AM (Sat)
Trainer(s): Jared & Aaron
Description: This is the toughest clinic we offer! Not for the faint of heart or body! If you want to push yourself to your limit and beyond, this is where you should be! Trainers implement a variety of training types to help you break plateaus and set new personal records!

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