• kathryn-mini
Kathryn is a soccer player that came to Performance Training, Inc. to do extended rehab after suffering a torn ACL and completing physical therapy. She began the Sportsmetrics program with Performance Training, Inc. with goals of returning to the soccer field and fulfilling her dream of playing Division 1 soccer.

  • ashley-mini
Ashley is a soccer player that came to Performance Training, Inc. to begin the Sportsmetrics program to help reduce the risk of ACL and knee injury and also improve her footwork to excel on the soccer field.

  • michael-mini
Michael is a former collegiate baseball player that came to Performance Training, Inc. to have his risk factors measured if he was at risk of a knee or ACL injury.

In addition to the everyday practices, PTI offers an extended “ACL add-on” that further teaches athletes how to safely absorb body mass and change direction without putting joints in compromising positions.


PTI has teamed up with SportsMetrics to become certified in the “prevention” of ACL knee injury (Note: No training can overcome the potential for extenuating circumstances). Our program begins with a testing process that will numerically give each athlete a risk assessment based on the inward and outward movement of the knees. After this assessment, a 6-12 week program is implemented, focusing on teaching the athlete how to take the pressure off of the knees and utilize their hips as their power center. Upon completion of the program, PTI trainers will reassess each athlete to determine their progress.