With a physician referral, consistent guidance and communication with PTI staff, extended rehab participants can make a smooth transition from physical therapy to a prescribed strength and conditioning program. Each program is individually tailored to progress participants to the next level of recovery and to help them resume their regular lifestyles, fitness routings and/or athletic routines.

With a prescription for exercise from the attending physician/physical therapist, participants are challenged to gradually increase their level of activity by receiving one-on-one guidance from the PTI team of exercise specialists. Cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, flexibility, and stabilization are all implemented into the program. Whether athletic or casual rehabilitation, individuals of all ages and abilities can benefit from extended rehabilitation.

  • rehab1
    Working on core strength to keep spine in neutral alignment while strengthening the back.
  • rehab4
    Working on upper body strength doing scracrows for stability and range of motion for the shoulders.
  • rehab5
    Working on Core stability and strengthening of the hips after having a hip replacement.