Performance Training, Inc. is an officially certified SPARQ training company. SPARQ is an acronym standing for Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness. SPARQ is a composite score that represents your overall athletic ability.  For more general information about the SPARQ program visit contact us if you are interested in information about SPARQ training, SPARQ ratings, or scheduling your team for SPARQ athletic assessments.

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    The SPARQ Performance Methodology goes beyond current theories and thinking around performance to get to the core of what is required to make every athlete ready for sport.
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    SPARQ 2013 Nike Performance Series
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    How do you rate?
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    PTI Staff getting educated on the SPARQ training philosophies
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    SPARQ 2013 Nike Performance Series
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    West High School getting tested for their athletes
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    Using SPARQ timing system to test sprint speed
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    Using a vertec to test an athletes jumping ability