PTI now offers a Nutrition Fitness Coach for healthy lifestyle changes and sports nutrition advice. Many health issues are nutrition related and require Lifestyle Changes. Our Nutrition Fitness Coach will educate, guide, and inspire you nutritionally and physically to enjoy the best of health. By properly fueling your body and increasing your fitness level, you will achieve a more energetic and healthy lifestyle. To achieve your peak performance in life or competition the Nutrition Fitness Coach will provide…

• Nutrition and Training Information
• Simple nutrition and fitness rules to follow everyday
• Food choices on clean eating
• Motivation and Personal Responsibility
• Realistic Goal setting
• Meal and Menu Advice
• Fitness Tips
• Daily Accountability and More…

PTI’s Nutrition and Fitness Coach can educate you and give you the tools you need to achieve your goals! Each client is unique with different needs & goals and our goal is to make this a “Lifestyle Change” and doable for each person in their daily life.

Charlene, a professional athlete turned fitness chef is the creative mind behind Stoopid Good Food Productions. During her time playing professional basketball overseas Charlene created a nutrition system to help her perform at the highest level. For over 15 years Charlene has been utilizing her knowledge of the body and food to help herself and her clients. Since discovering her own food intolerance Charlene has expanded her vision of how food affects the body. She began to create food to fit a growing niche of food intolerance, allergies and illnesses, including Diabetes and Hypertension.


Today she has been coined a “Fit Life Visionary” for her work helping clients to increase their quality of life. Charlene views the body as a whole, and has helped to combine the effects of a healthy and positive body and mind into one great system.