Yea Horray…..Lemon Spice Ginger Pops!!!!!

Cool off with this refreshing warm weather or anytime sweet and spicy treat just in time for the joy of summer!

Fresh, Fun, Refreshing and just what the Dr called for!!! Freeze in ice trays with toothpicks or in skinny popsicle tubes to add to tonic water for a fizzy thaw drink. Even a shot of 80 proof potato vodka for a light low carb/sugar refresher!

30 oz water

8 Fresh Squeezed Lemons

2 tbl Fresh Squeezed Ginger

2-4 tsp Cayenne Pepper

1.5 tbl Coconut Nectar +1/8tsp stevia or Monk Fruit Powder

Lemon Rind (optional)

Juice Lemons and Ginger, mix it all up and freeze with ease!!!!