PTI recognizes that everyone has unique fitness goals. More importantly, we understand individuals have different needs when it comes to finding the right formula or tools necessary for achieving those goals. That’s why we staff some of the most knowledgeable certified personal trainers around. They will create personalized programs appropriate to fit each individual’s requirements.

PTI offers both individual (1 on 1) training as well as group training. Each person’s preference of training is different depending on their level of motivation, financial ability, etc. Group training offers the benefit of social design as well as financial incentives, and often people like to train with a group of their friends.

  • 1-1-1
    Jackie focusing on core stability with a front bridge with the Ladies Bootcamp.
  • 1-1-2
    Ladies Bootcamp.
  • 1-1-4
    Stability Ball Sit-ups.
  • 1-1-5
    Single arm row.
  • 1-1-6
    Group Get Right doing a high intensity session.
  • 1-1-7
    Bryan spotting on DB chest press.
  • 1-1-8
    Cardio session at Cherokee Country Club.
  • 1-1-9
    Jackie working with Ladies Bootcamp.
  • 1-1-10
    Rodney doing bench.
  • 1-1-11
    Single arm row.
  • 1-1-12
    Stability Ball Push-ups, focusing on core strength while working the chest.


Matt Stimson testimonial
I began my training with PTI in April of 2011 at the embarrassing weight of 220lbs with my goal weight being 195lbs. The first few sessions were rough but with the encouragement of the small group that I was training with, my wife and the PTI trainers, I stuck with it. I started seeing and feeling results quickly. My goal weight came and went as I am now down to 180lbs far exceeding all my expectations. I have gone from a 34″ waist down to a 30″ waist. PTI has transformed me physically which has had a positive impact on me mentally. Dedicating just 2% of my week to PTI has truly changed my life. Thats only 3 hours of my 168 hour week. NO EXCUSES!!