Over two decades, Performance Training Inc. has developed SAQ (Speed, Agility, and Quickness) into a comprehensive package of more than 40 powerful training systems designed to enhance the sport-specific needs of the athlete. SAQ encompasses explosive training, resistance training, hand-eye coordination, quick-hand instruction, balance, perception, multi-directional movement, acceleration, and velocity training. These training methods improve physical performance in all sports through better preparation of the athlete for the demands of competition.

Our training is sport specific! PTI will develop the training for the individual athlete as well as a team. PTI has the capabilities to train at one of their sites and/or at the team’s practice site. Each athlete/team will be given a pre-test/assessment to help better define strengths and weaknesses.

  • saq2
    Lee Taylor working with Bearden Men’s Soccer team stretching during warm-up, working on stretching the inner thighs in a sumo squat position at Bearden High School.
  • saq3
    Bearden Men’s Soccer team working on reaction and first step quickness at Bearden High School.
  • saq4
    Jackie Ansley working on core strengthening with Asseco Prokem Basketball in Poland.
  • saq4jump
    Bearden Men’s Soccer team doing resisted power jumps with the viper working on vertical explosiveness at Bearden High School.
  • saq5
    2013 Bearden Men’s Soccer Team.
  • saq7
    Jared Lawrence and Lee Taylor coaching Bearden Men’s soccer players in a team building 1-on-1 tug of war with a tire designed to build strength, toughness, and competitiveness at Bearden High School.
  • saq8
  • saq9
    Magic Softball team working on 2 footed quickness in the hurdles doing bunny hops as well as hip strengthening on the Physioball in the background at their facility in Alcoa.
  • saq10
    Jackie Ansley working with PTI trainers Rachel Draper, Nina Wagner, and Ashley Alexander demonstrating first step quickness and explosiveness off the line at Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center.
  • saq11
    Jackie Ansley working with PTI trainiers Rachel Draper, Nina Wagner, and Ashley Alexander demonstrating how to do skate jumps to improve lateral explosiveness and quickness at Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center.
  • saq12
    Jared Lawrence coaching the PTI staff doing forward skips in the ladder working on frequency and turnover of knee drive at RBI.