Strength and Conditioning programs address the sport-specific strengthening needs of the athlete/team. Addressing the particular needs for each athlete/team to compete at a higher level without injury is PTI’s focus in developing a solid strength program. Our professional and experienced staff of strength experts provides athletes/teams a complete system to get the results they need.

  • NW and Bird top of swing
    Jackie Ansley coaching 2 PTI trainers on proper form of a Kettle Bell swing to help strengthen hips and increase lower body power and explosiveness at Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center.
  • Lee catch of clean
    Former PTI Trainer Lee Taylor is in the pulling phase of a clean, making sure to get triple extension while power shrugging.
  • Lee start of clean
    Former PTI Trainer Lee Taylor finishing a Power Clean with the catch at the top, elbows through and hips slightly loaded.
  • Bird Landing out of jump lunge
    Jackie Ansley coaching a PTI trainer on their landing phase of a jump lunge while wearing a Nike SPARQ weight vest.
  • Bird in Air of Jump Lunge
    Jackie Ansley coaching PTI trainer through the in air portion of a Jump lunge working on lower body explosiveness.
  • Wade pipe walk 2
    PTI Client Wade Orlosky doing lunges with an unstable slosh pipe working on lower body strengthening and core stabilization.
  • Lee catch of DB clean
    Former Trainer Lee Taylor Demonstrating finishing the catch part of the DB clean and Press.
  • Duane Adair squatting
    Former PTI trainer Duane Adair demonstrating squats to help increase lower body strength and power at Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center.
  • sandc3
    Hanging leg raises working core strength and focusing on not swinging