The Swimsuit/trunk 29-90-30 Plan!

The Swimsuit/trunk 29-90-30 Plan!

Time……friend or foe? Well, when talking about the months of winter and time leading to the arrival of spring, nothing is more anticipated than the countdown of time till the world see’s pants and long sleeves turn into swimwear!

Almost inevitably so, the time fly’s by and before you know it there are 30 days left till the beach calls or spring break arrives, so here is a new approach for being ready and moving confidently out of your pants and into those itsy bitsy teeny weenies!

February 29- Take the 29 days that February offers and start to keep a journal or food log and keep a tight record for about a week including a weekend.  Make a list of all the things that you have adapted to over the winter months and start to re-evaluating food and beverage consumption and consult with the PTI Nutrition guide to get ideas on how to start to eliminate or change eating patterns to get what you need in order to slowly change to bring on healthy spring into summer habits through both food and food timing.


March/April/May 90- Slowly start to adopt the changes identified in the February 29 and keep a good hand written log or journal of physical and mental choices and changes that will help you to cross examine and alter for next spring. Get with a PTI Trainer for tips and exercises that will benefit your problem areas and weaknesses so the progression to training harder is smarter and not leading to over use and over worked muscles that will lead to setbacks from injuries.


June 30- Once you have put in the work with a good documentation of the journey you are ready to simply tweak your progress and utilize the month of June for final intensity and rest period changes to get you exactly where you want to be on both  a mental confidence level as well as physical head turning, itsy bitsy teeny or speedo wearing wonder woman or superman!!!