Top 5 Ways to Fight Winter Weight!

Survival of Winter Weight Gain!!!!

Oh the weather outside……is anything but delightful, rather a major deterrent of outdoor workouts and the gym is so packed with New Year’s “Resolutioners” that we cannot even fathom going there….

The winter weight gain dilemma is twofold, psychological and physical so we stop enjoying being outside and eat foods that make us feel warm and comforted.  I believe that with some preparation and a shift in environmental mindset that we can go through the winter months and only be healthier come spring and summer bathing suit season.  Here are 5 tips to help get you started!

  1. See your normal everyday environment as a workout zone. Body weight exercises are the next big push for what to do to stay fit, so incorporate them into your everyday life at home, work or wherever you may frequent most. Not sure how to achieve this? Spend one hour with a PTI trainer for ideas on what to use at home before you make a home gym investment and get form help with exercises for a great, safe full body, bodyweight workout.

  1. Research what foods you can eat the most of that will have the least caloric impact on your body so when you are unmotivated and just feel like eating, you will at least have a list of safe options to over eat or make you feel full.

  1. Find healthier options for the got to comfort foods you enjoy and make meals ahead of time so you won’t just eat whatever you can find first. This normally equals portions high in carbohydrates and low in fiber and proteins.

  1. Change your mindset once munchies or sugar cravings hit. Often times all we need to do is stay aware when triggers happen and use something to divert out attention away from food into something else. A walk around the house during commercials breaks, 5 pushups off of the couch, a counter top, steps or washing machine, plank holds or core work for a count of 25-100.

  2. Have a directed shopping list for every store you visit and DO NOT shop while hungry!