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Atlanta Spartan Sprint March 5th

Following our Team’s recent victory in Nashville, our team, PTI Spartans will be heading to Atlanta to win the Spartan Sprint. Use our Team Name – PTI Spartans under Jared Lawrence to sign up with us! http://www.spartan.com/en/race/detail/1042/overview

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January 13, 2016

Top 5 Ways to Fight Winter Weight!

Survival of Winter Weight Gain!!!! Oh the weather outside……is anything but delightful, rather a major deterrent of outdoor workouts and the gym is so packed with New Year’s “Resolutioners” that we cannot even fathom going there…. The winter weight gain dilemma is twofold, psychological and physical so we stop enjoying being outside and eat foods […]

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Rope Climbing is a perennial obstacle in Spartan Races. With these training tips you can master this tough challenge!

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Why Hill Training?
Hill training is a method of running up hills to increase muscle power and strength.
Hill training is very demanding at first because you work muscles that you don't use very often while running. However, the more you hill train, the easier it becomes.
Hill training is an effective way of building aerobic power and strength. It is a great form of resistance training for runners because as you run up a hill, you are fighting the resistance of the slope.
Hill-training workouts should only be done once, or at the most twice, per week.
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What's your excuse? How will you be defined?
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PTI Top 3 Grip Strength Exercises! Check it out! ... See MoreSee Less

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#tbt great race with a great team! Let's get it at this year's Spartan Sprint in Atlanta! ... See MoreSee Less

Jumping over fire, running through muddy trails, helping people get over a climbing wall, throwing a spear, having a blast and feeling awesome at the finish line are just a few pros to running a Spartan Race! Spartan Sprint, ATL, March 7....Do it! People of all abilities participate, but of course prep always helps!! It's a perfect New Years goal to keep all your other goals in check. PTI has their own team set up and we have workouts instructed by Certified Spartan Trainer, Nate, at Fort Sanders, Tuesday and Thursday nights starting in the New Year! Shoot a message or let a staff member know so we can get you rolling! Check out spartanrace.com for more info on the event itself! #aroo #spartanrace #ptispartans

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